Chokwe Mask

Chokwe, Tchokwe mask from Angola

The Chokwe people influenced the art of many neighboring peoples, including the Mbunda, Lovale and Mbangani tribes. The most powerful and important Chokwe mask is known as Chikunga. Highly charged with power and considered sacred, chikunga is used during investiture ceremonies of a chief and sacrifices to the ancestors.

Chikunga masks are made of bark cloth stretched over armature of wickerwork, covered over with black resin and painted with red and white designs. Only the current chief of a group wears chikunga - to read more click here.

Chokwe SLF_1094.jpg (31395 bytes) Chokwe Mask SLF_0221.jpg (20771 bytes) Chokwe Mask
Item # SLF_1050 Item # OMA_0221
Weight +/- 2 lbs Weight +/- 2 lbs
Length: +/- 14" Length: "
Price: US$120.00 Price: US$120.00
Plus air mail add $30.00


Plus air mail add $30.00
Beaded Chokwe Mask   Chokwe Mask
Item # OMA_2353 Item # OMA_2355
Weight +/- 2 lbs Weight +/- 2 lbs
Length: " Length: "
Price: US$200.00 Price: US$130.00
Plus air mail add $35.00
Plus air mail add $35.00
Chokwe Mask chokwe_mask_EBR0847s.jpg (54613 bytes) Chokwe Mask
Item # OMA_2352 Item # EBR_0847
Weight +/- 3 lbs Weight +/- 2 lbs
Length: " Length: "
Price: US$145.00 Price: US$150.00
Plus air mail add $35.00
Plus air mail add $35.00 Sold
Chokwe_mask_EBR_2347.jpg (57053 bytes) Chokwe Mask Chokwemask_EBR_2492.jpg (33006 bytes) African hat /fez /kofia
Item # EBR_2347 Item # EBR_2492
Weight +/- 2 lbs Weight +/- 2 lbs
Length: " Length: "
Price: US$190.00 Price: US$1.00
Plus air mail add $35 Sold Plus air mail add $35.00 Sold
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