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Rebirth African Art And Craft

African Tribal Art and craft is considered amongst the finest creations in the art world. Many of the collections along with some replica's, can be viewed in museums and galleries all over the world and authentic pieces are highly sought after by collectors.

Besides the value of a piece it has great cultural and traditional significance. Latest developments and understanding of aesthetic principles, religious and ceremonial values, have brought about a greater insight into the ideas and moral values that African artists express in their work. In Africa art is considered an integral part of everyday life, as a cross-cultural dialogue, personal therapy, and communication with the Gods and ancestors.

Over the years Africa developed into a continent with a fascinating mix of the modern world blended with an exhilarating age-old African twist. Each country has many exciting cultures that was prepared and brewed for more than more than 1000 years. The last few decades have seen a huge decline in tribal ceremonies and rituals hence authentic African Art is extremely difficult to find. Rebirth Welcome you and sincerely hope you enjoy viewing our collection.