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History of Africa the true story

Mapungubwe, Apartheid, slavery, war and conflict, child abuse, traditional minstrels, HIV/AIDS. Exploitation of prehistoric knowledge of indigenous people.

Mapungubwe History of Africa denied. For Centuries the rich History of South Africa dating back about 2000 years was hidden from its people. Mapungubwe was home to an advanced culture of people. The civilization thrived as a sophisticated trading center from around 1200 to 1300 AD.

The San people and Hoodia Gordonii. In 2002 the Hoodia Gordonii case reversed a worldwide history of exploitation of indigenous peoples. The San tribe could easily have been victims of biopiracy. The particularly disconcerting aspect of this case is that it was a governmental organisation, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

History of slaves at the Cape, South Africa (1658 - 1807) The first slaves at the Cape. By 1658 there were 11 slaves, eight women and three men at the Cape. One of these, Abraham, was a stowaway who, in 1653, arrived from the East aboard the ship Malacca, claiming to have run away from his master, Cornelis Lichthart of Batavia. Abraham was set to work at the Cape.

South Africa - The history and creation of an apartheid society 1910. The seeds of Apartheid were sowed as early as 1910. Apartheid officially became law after the Reunited National Party won the white minority elections on the 28th May 1948. This victory was hailed as a "Miracle" and clear proof that God was watching over his Volk"

The San tribe a way of life perfected: The descendants of those who lived more than 20000 years ago in what is now South Africa and who are believed to be the original human inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa is known as the San people.

War and Conflict Africa Most wars fought during the 1990's took place in countries that are to poor, to buy weapons.In some lands there is such an abundance of assault rifles that they are sold for as little as six dollars or can be traded for a goat, chicken, or a bag of clothes.

Coon or Minstrel Carnival Cape Town South Africa. This exciting culture was prepared and brewed for more than three hundred years, and resulted in a vibrant, unique atmosphere.

HIV/AIDS Africa HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa (the true story) The three tests, the controversy surrounding HIV. Impact of poverty on HIV victims. Taking the statistics into account it is a known fact, that collecting precise medical data in sub-Saharan Africa, with it's abject poverty is almost impossible.

Child Abuse and Exploitation Africa. From the first contact of colonialism and slavery more than three hundred years ago, Africa was in a constant state of turmoil. Statistics and rising crime levels clearly indicate that many young people leave home because their family environment became unstable or because there is desperate poverty.

Africa is where humanity got its start. Where pharohs ruled and civilization first flourished.