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Our objective is to showcase disadvantaged, young and emerging African artists globally. t present we have four experts continuously sourcing products in South Africa, West Africa and East Africa, including Senegal, Mali, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya etc.

For hundreds of years Africans faced extreme hardships this led to a lack of confidence in their ability. Many battle through daily life and live in abject poverty. Art and craft coupled with the will of the people prevailed and flourished even under the worst conditions possible. Today most of these highly skilled artist that acquired skills, passed on by generations have not gained recognition or reaped the financial rewards for their excellent works of art.

Rebirth hope to provide a platform for African artist, by giving them the opportunity to sell and exhibit Art at fair market related prices to dealers, resellers and art lovers globally. I sincerely believe as time go by these artists will rise from poverty stricken villagers and claim their rightful place in the art world.
From time to time we receive requests for items not available on our website, feel free to contact our friendly client services. Even if we do not have it in stock we will do our level best to source the item for you.