Apartheid South Africa

Suppression of Communsim Act 44 of 24 June 1950

To Verwoed and other designers of apartheid those who disagreed with their policies were forced to agree. Those who persisted to oppose had to be crushed. 

At the top of the list was the Communist Part of South Africa (CPSA). The Smuts Apartheid Government closely monitored the CPSA's union activities and the police frequently raided its offices and those of its newspaper, the 'Guardian'. a committee was set up to investigate communism in the Union. In 1949 Justice minister Charles Swart informed Parliment that it uncovered evidence that the CPSA had infiltrated trade unions and universities and that the CPSA posed a serious threat.

The United Party suggested that the best safeguard against communism was political freedom, to create an atmosphere in which the doctrine of communism cannot flourish. The Nationalist government was unimpressed. At the end of the parliamentary session Swart banned Sam Khan from addressing meetings for one year.

It was on 6/24/1950 after several amendments to the old law that the new Bill Suppression of Communism was passed. It outlawed the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) and any organization it deemed fit. This included seizing and and liquidation of assets. Banning all meeetings by the organization. Barring listed persons from attending gatherings or from being members of certain specified public bodies, offices or organizations.

The main feature of the Suppression of Communism Act was its broad definition: Marxist Socialism as set forth by Lenin, Trotsky, the Comintern or the Communist Bureau, or any form of promotion. Including any scheme as listed below...

The establishment of a despotic government based on the dictatorship of the proletariat, in which only one polical party was recognized.

Bringing about any political, industrial, social or economic change in South Africa through the promotion of disorder, or through actions that could be deemed by the authorities as having the possible consequences of disorder.

Bringing about such change under the guidance of any foreign government or organization committed to the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Encouraging hostility between black and white in order to further any of the above objectives.

Four days before the above became law Sam Khan informed the House Of Assembly that the CPSA had disbanded to protect its members from a potential 10 year jail sentence. But the government reacted and introduced further amendments and redefined a communist as anyone who had been a member of the SACP, or could be deemed as a communist by his/her actions. Sam Khan was ousted from his parliamentary seat in 1952. The CPSA was forced underground and changed its name to South African Communist Party.
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