Rebirth Collection African Tribal Masks

For many centuries African Tribal masks, played a major role in rituals, celebrations, ceremonial and tribal initiations. Masking rituals are normally accompanied with prayer, music, song and or dance.

Before the sculpting start, the artisan purifies himself and performs a prayer, consulting the divine forces and the spirits of his ancestorís for guidance. The divine force will be transferred to the mask during the sculpting process. The carver also offers a sacrifice to the spirit of the tree. Once the tree is felled the sculptor leaves it for a day or two, so that the spirit of the tree can find a "new home", thereafter he brings the tree to his workshop to starts the process of carving the mask.

Points to note: Masks displayed in museums or art galleries are but one component of the cultural ethos as a whole. Masks in Africa have an original setting and atmosphere. Men and or women that wear masks are fully dressed in traditional tribal attire or in accordance with the theme or significance of the event. Song, dance, music and or prayer accompany masking ceremonies, along with the entire village folk that participate in the ceremony or festival.

Some masks are used as Icons of power to ward off evil spirits and some are used to celebrate and thank the ancestors during crop harvesting. Rainmakers, traditional healers and even the young men that graduate from initiation school wear masks and full tribal clothing during rituals or ceremonies. Over the last few decades there has been a sharp decline in masking rituals.

The masks displayed in our catalog come from various countries and tribes on the continent. Similar masks were used during rituals, ceremonies and or initiations. Each piece in our collection has been hand selected and is of the finest quality available.

We here at Rebirth sincerely hope you find the pieces displayed in our catalog just as exciting and intriguing as we do.  

To view the collection click on the images of your choice, to learn more about African masks click the links below.

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To view mask history by tribe click the links below

Royal_Kuba_Mask_GM0_689s.jpg (54376 bytes)
dogonmask_SLF_1163.jpg (56486 bytes) Chokwe_mask_EBR_2347.jpg (57053 bytes)
Dogon Chokwe
Tikarmask_SAL_2082.jpg (45721 bytes) danmask_BAA_1014s.jpg (50604 bytes)
Tikar Dan
Fang_Mask_GM_0693.jpg (55656 bytes) beta_mask_BAA_2710.jpg (52772 bytes)
Fang Bete
ALY_0251.jpg (53362 bytes)
Guro Punu
toma_mask_BAA_2686.jpg (22854 bytes) kwelemask_LUC_2349.jpg (26286 bytes)
Toma Kwele
Bamileke_mask_SLF_0502.jpg (26614 bytes) Igbo_mask_SIE1388.jpg (80453 bytes)
Bamileke Igbo
bobo_mask_EBR_2864a.jpg (57053 bytes) Bamoun_mask_Ama_007Frontview.jpg (15274 bytes)
Bobo Bamoun
Baule_mask_GM_0695.jpg (48342 bytes) tekemask_GRE_2815.jpg (98240 bytes)
Baule Igbo Yoruba Punu Bamileke Dan Teke
MBK_2015.jpg (23564 bytes) Guro Baule Bamoun Chokwe Bete mask_MOH_2812.jpg (52566 bytes)
Tikar Kwele Fang Baga Teke
Songye Kuba Bobo Goli Toma
Yaure Dogon Ceremonial Tribal
Yaure Goli
Yoruba_Crown_HAM_2321.jpg (21884 bytes) mask_MOH_2814.jpg (52243 bytes)
Yoruba Songye





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